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Welcome to Bargle Nawdle Zouss, a website dedicated to the Prince of Parody himself, "Weird Al" Yankovic! This site was created to provide the world's abundance of "Weird Al" faithful the information and entertainment necessary to bring meaning to their boring, miserable lives! BNZ is your one and only stop for all things Al. Whether you're looking for the latest Weird Al news or how to make your favorite weird snack, you'll find it here at BNZ. But wait, there's more! Create your own Behind The Fans page and let everyone know what kind of fan you really are! Or maybe you're looking for the lyrics to your favorite song. While you're at it, you might wanna answer Question of the Week and prove to everyone that you know everything about Al. And that's just the beginning.

So have fun, be weird and, uh,
Bargle Nawdle Zouss!

<<<<<< UPDATES >>>>>>

  • Mandatory Fun is Number 1: Congratulations to Al on topping the Billboard 200 chart with the #1 album in America, "Mandatory Fun"!

  • July 15: Prepare yourself for Mandatory Fun!

    (April 21, 2011)
  • 'ALPOCALYPSE' IS UPON US: The time is nigh. 6.21.11 ..... Are you ready?

  • (6/15)
  • News: Listen to (and watch the live action music video for) Al's NEWEST song entitled "Craigslist"! Oh, did I forget to include a link? Uh oh... what now... okay, okay... CLICK HERE!

  • (04/12)
  • Question of the Week: Hope everyone had a fun and safe Easter (extreme Easter egg hunting can get brutal!). Oh, and the Easter Bunny left everyone a big surprise.... a brand new QOTW!

  • (04/08)
  • Behind The Fans: Take a look Behind The Fan that is Weird Al Fan #2.

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    So, what do you think of the site? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let me know! If you have questions, comments, suggestions, corrections or just wanna say "Hi!", please do so. This site is what it is because of the fans, so tell me what you think.


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