Princess Yankovic


Meet Princess Yankovic

Weird Al Site: none
Weird Al Club: Too many to name :D
Weird Al Webring: None

Name: Natasha or ahsataN
Age: 16
Sex: Female

Do you, uh, Bargle Nawdle Zouss???: On a daily basis!!

Favorite Al-bum: OMA! i gotta think bout this one.....hmm, well, theres Poodle Hat, RWS, Even Worse, Off The Deep End, Alapooloza, Bad Hair Day, In 3D, the self titled, Dare To Be Stupid, and Polka Party!
Favorite Song: Of all time? it varies from week to week. hmmm.... this week its Melenie
Favorite Polka: Angry White Boy Polka and Polka Power
Favorite Parody: AYY....I love em all!!!!
Favorite Original: umm....... hmm..... it varies week to week
Favorite Unreleased Song: Free Delievery and Fast Food
Favorite Music Video: I love the
Favorite Band Member: Steve, Jim, Ruben, Jon I LOVE EM ALL!

Favorite Weird Al quote: " Hi there! Aww, don't worry, here, pet Bela she'll calm ya down."_Al when I met him! hes the nicest! "it doesn't hurt to ask."_Al when my IRL friend asked Al for a lock of his hair for me.

What band or singer do you think Al should parody next?: Prince just cause i would love to see if Prince would have a SENCE OF HUMOR!
What song do you think Al should parody next?: any Prince song or whatever is popular
What band or singer do you think Al should style parody next?: NIN again!
What song or band do you think Al should include in a polka next?: Eiffel 65
What music video would you like to see Al parody next?: Lose Yourself!!!!!

Who would you like to hear cover an Al song?: Eiffel 65
Which song would you like them to cover?: i'd like to see a duet with Al and Jeffrey Jey doing Wanna B Ur Lovr

What song would you like to see a video for that doesn't have one?: Couch Potato!!! i seriously think that Eminem or i'm sorry i mean Missy is a HYPOCRYTE! HYPOCRITE HYPOCRYTE!!!!! i don't get it! if he is so for the Freedom Of Speech then why wont he let Al do the video? :(

What TV show would you like to see Al guest star in next?: Fear Factor or Will & Grace

How did you first hear about Al?: from Radio disney! and then from a friends friend
What's the story behind that?: i was listening to Radio disney and i heard Yoda and i knew every word to that song. then they didnt play it anymore anfd my friend took me to her friend's house and he had RWS and i loved it! and then I bought a CD in 1999/2000 and the rest is history

Have you been to an Al concert?: yep :D
If so, how many?: 3
Concert Experience Story: it was the best ever!!! i loved it! My first concert i was at the Orange Cunty Fair and Al was at least five feet away and i cried! i mean i CRIED! lol my second i was sixth row from the stage! and it was the first show of the Poodle Hat Tour so i saw Wanna B Ur Lovr and...-glasses fog up- man that song is worth the admission!!!!!!! then my third was at the Greek and it was sadly, my last Al concert this leg of the tour

Have you ever met Al?: yes -sigh :) :) :) :)
If so, do you have a story?: it was at the Poodle Hat signing and i was sooooooo nervous! he's the nicest guy in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally shocked him with the folder i have thats filled with pics and he looked through it! he touched it!!!!!!! also, i pet Bela!
Have you ever met any of the band?: yeah
If so, who?: Steve, Jim, and Ruben
Do you have a story?: I met Jim at my first concet, I met Steve at the second and third and i met Ruben at the third.

Have you ever tried a Twinkie Weiner Sandwich?: Yes!!
If so, what did you think?: Yummy!!!!

Do you collect Al items?: yes, i collect pics!
If so, what's your favorite/most valuable item?: my Al folder with pics in ithat i had Al sign. and my Authorized Al and my Bachelor Party Invitation that i got off eBay!

Anything else we should know about you?: I have this fear of leaving my AL folder at home because i'm afraid of the house burning down and it being there! ayy!

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