Meet Tom

Weird Al Site: Don't have one yet
Weird Al Club: CPFOA, ALCON 2000 and ALCON III

Name: Tom
Age: thirtysomething
Sex: M

Do you, uh, Bargle Nawdle Zouss???: Just once, back in college. It was a time of experimentation.

Favorite Al-bum: RWS
Favorite Song: Dare to be Stupid
Favorite Polka: Polkas on 45
Favorite Parody: Toothless People
Favorite Original: Dare to be Stupid
Favorite Unreleased Song: Green Eggs and Ham
Favorite Music Video: Eat It
Favorite Band Member: Bermuda

Favorite Weird Al quote: "Put down that chainsaw!"

What band or singer do you think Al should parody next?: Celine Dion
What song do you think Al should parody next?: I Drove All Night by the aforementioned Celine
What band or singer do you think Al should style parody next?: REO Speedwagon
What song or band do you think Al should include in a polka next?: Fleetwood Mac
What music video would you like to see Al parody next?: Intergalactic by Beastie Boys

Who would you like to hear cover an Al song?: Barry White
Which song would you like them to cover?: Mr. Frump

What song would you like to see a video for that doesn't have one?: Velvet Elvis

What TV show would you like to see Al guest star in next?: Insomniac with Dave Attell

How did you first hear about Al?: Kids on my bus singing "Another one rides the bus" on the way to school.
What's the story behind that?: Compulsory education laws required me to attend school. It was 4 miles away from my home so I rode the bus. Contraction of the diaphragm forces air through a structure in the larynx called the voice box, which consists of vocal cords and their surrounding tissues. Vocal cords and the diaphragm can be controlled by voluntary muscles to produce audible tones called "singing".

Have you been to an Al concert?: Yup
If so, how many?: 4 and counting. Next show June 28, 2003!
Concert Experience Story: I saw AC/DC in Detroit; they give an awesome show. We were all really wasted from the tailgate party! Oh, you mean a Weird Al concert story?

Have you ever met Al?: Yup
If so, do you have a story?: He has a ton of patience to do autographs and pictures for us AL freaks for 4 hours straight. He and Suzanne are extremely nice.
Have you ever met any of the band?: Yes
If so, who?: Bermuda
Do you have a story?: I was in a dark room watching a performance by Carla Ulbrecht and started talking to the person who walked up next to me when she finished her set. We were talking for about 20 seconds when I suddenly realized it was none other than Jon! He was really cool.

Have you ever tried a Twinkie Weiner Sandwich?: No Twinkies for me, thanks

Do you collect Al items?: Not really
If so, what's your favorite/most valuable item?: My lucky lucky autographed copy of In 3-D

Anything else we should know about you?: I'm a LAWYER, and you can't spell that without W.A.Y. Otherwise, I would be a LER.

Have you made a Parody?: Only informally, never written or recorded. Mostly songs with banal, repetitive lyrics get the treatment.

Picture of AL admiring my Devo shirt: April 27, 2002

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