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Wouldn't you like a quick, easy way to let the world know you're a "Weird Al" fan? The answer's simple: Behind The Fans. Below you'll find a simple form to fill out. Remember, you don't have to answer every question. Once you're done, simply cut and paste your information into an email (by clicking the link below) and you're done. I'll create your page for you, simple as that. If you wanna update it later, no problem. Just send me the updated page and I'll fix it right up. Now what are you waiting for, go create your Behind The Fans page!

Remember: This is YOUR Behind the Fans page. If you have Fan Art, Fan Fics, pictures or anything relating to Al that you'd like included on the page, just send it in and I'll find a way to include it.

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Note: Remember, please check your spelling and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it. When I get your info, all I do is copy and paste it into the page. I won't make any corrections myself. If you see anything wrong with your page, please just E-mail me and I'll fix it right away.

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