Stupid Word Jumble


Unscramble words to see what they say!

Objective: Unscramble the words!

Instructions: Study the word closely. Then, if you think you know what it is, click on the word to unscramle and see if you're right. After you've unscrambled the word, click on it again to go to the next word.

NOTE: This game is kinda weird. If you have the word "Dare to be Stupid" it could scramble it into only two words. When you unscramble it, it will be in four words, but the scrambled version won't. I know this makes it kind of difficult, but if you're a true Al fan, you'll probably be able to unscramble it anyways. Also, it for some reason will give you the same word more that once and possibly twice in a row. Just in cast you were wondering, there's 27 words total.

Guess the Weird Al Word

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