Listen to Weird Al MIDIs

Here is a collection of Weird Al MIDIs I've gathered. What's a "MIDI" you ask? It's a sound file without words. It doesn't exactly even use real instruments, but rather more computer like sounds. Either way, they sound pretty neat! First find the Al-bum the song you want is on, then find the song and finally, listen to it! (Note: All songs are NOT here, but a lot are. If you have one that I don't, or know where I can find/get it, please let me know. I'll also be searching for more, so look forward to more in the future.)
Listen to Weird Al when you're on the go get a good laugh while you're driving around town.

Choose an Album

"Weird Al" Yankovic
In 3-D
Dare To Be Stupid
Polka Party!
Even Worse
Off The Deep End
Bad Hair Day
Running With Scissors
Poodle Hat

"Weird Al" Yankovic
Ricky Listen
I Love Rocky Road Listen
My Bologna Listen
Another One Rides The Bus Listen
Mr. Frump In The Iron Lung Listen

In 3-D
Eat It Listen
I Lost On Jeopardy Listen
Mr. Popeil Listen
King Of Suede Listen
Theme From Rocky XIII Listen

Dare to be Stupid
Like A Surgeon Listen
Dare To Be Stupid Listen
I Want A New Duck Listen
One More Minute Listen
Yoda Listen
Girls Just Want To Have Lunch Listen

Polka Party!
Living With A Hernia Listen
Dog Eat Dog Listen
Addicted To Spuds Listen
Here's Johnny Listen

Even Worse
Fat Listen
(This Songs Just) Six Words Long Listen
I Think I'm A Clone Now Listen
Lasagna Listen
Alimony Listen

Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies Listen
She Drives Like Crazy Listen

Off The Deep End
Smells Like Nirvana Listen
I Can't Watch This Listen
You Don't Love Me Anymore Listen

Jurassic Park Listen
Frank's 2000" TV Listen
Achy Breaky Song Listen
Livin' In The Fridge Listen
Harvey The Wonder Hamster Listen
Bohemian Polka Listen

Bad Hair Day
Amish Paradise Listen
Everything You Know Is Wrong Listen
Cavity Search Listen
Callin' In Sick Listen
The Alternative Polka Listen
Since You've Been Gone Listen
Gump Listen
Phony Calls Listen
The Night Santa Went Crazy Listen

Running With Scissors
The Saga Begins Listen
Pretty Fly For A Rabbi Listen
Jerry Springer Listen
It's All About The Pentiums Listen
Grapefruit Diet Listen

Poodle Hat
Couch Potato Listen
Trash Day Listen
A Complicated Song Listen
Ode To A Superhero Listen
eBay Listen

Headline News Listen
Spy Hard Listen
Pac-Man Listen
It's Still Billy Joel To Me Listen
Gee, I'm A Nerd Listen
Chicken Pot Pie Listen
I'll Repair For You Listen
Snack All Night Listen
Free Delivery Listen

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